If you need a new surface, one of the more bespoke options are resin bound driveways in Bromsgrove. UV resin-bound surfacing is available for driveway surfacing, patios surfacing and garden pathways with a wide range of decorative cut glass and stone chip finish to choose from.

Resin-bound driveways are one of the most durable options available for any surface and with a 12-year guarantee on our installations to prove it! Often confused with resin bond which even though makes use of similar products, is fitted entirely different.

A resin bonded surface is when UV resin is applied to a surface directly and a stone chip is laid on top of it. This is very similar to tar and chip where the chip is held in place from underneath and can become loose over time.

Whereas with resin bound, the UV resin and chip is mixed using a special mixer beforehand and laid together on a driveway. Since the UV resin will encapsulate the entire stone chip instead of grabbing it from just underneath, it is a far superior product to resin bonded surfacing.

On top of the durability benefits, it can be used to resurface an existing tarmac or concrete surface as well which will save you a lot of money on larger driveways!

Anti-slip, very durable, decorative choices include custom resin driveway bordering and a wide range of pattern choices.